Barry LaValley

“We have showcased Barry LaValley across Canada on several occasions and have received strong reviews on his performance. He seems to have hit a nerve when he talks about Retirement Lifestyle planning and attendees at our presentations were both informed and entertained.”

– Myles Morin, Vice President, Wealth Management, Manulife Financial

Barry LaValley Seminars

“It’s a great and wonderful presentation! Definitely motivating, inspiring and thought provoking! I wish I had brought my 74 year old father as I think this would also benefit him a lot by motivating him with all the meaningful suggestions.”

– Mary and Ken Low, Richmond, B.C.

“Excellent – It made me think about retirement in a totally different way. Good call to action – I will really try to take up the challenge.”

– Allan Burne, Edmonton, Alberta

“Wow! You’ve outlined very well what I’ve had bouncing around in my brain. It is well presented and very thorough! Your vision and insight is truly outstanding.”

– Steven Shagrin, Past President, Int’l Association for Life and Retirement Planning, Canton, Ohio

“The best seminar I have attended. It was funny, emotional and informative. Now I want to take a good look at my life and try and found out what I really want and need!”

– Christina Meeuwen, Windsor, Ontario

“My husband and I are retired, this was a wonderful refresher!”

– Eva Tremblay, Point Claire, P.Q.

“This was so helpful. I enjoyed all the information and especially having a guide to help me work through this. Mr. LaValley is an excellent presenter, thorough, clear and entertaining. Thank you.”

– Bill Evans, Burlington, Ontario

Toronto Sun

“A Great Afternoon” Fred Patterson, Toronto Sun

Yesterday I attended a wealth management seminar at the King Edward Hotel. It was arranged by my financial advisor who thinks it’s a good idea for anyone within ten years of retirement age to stop down and think about a few things. The seminar was conducted by a guy named Barry LaValley and he didn’t talk so much about money as he did mind set. Not only do you have to be prepared for retirement financially, but you also have to be ready emotionally. Continue reading

Coast Capital Savings

Barry spoke to a full house of 800 members of Coast Capital Savings in Victoria. Response from members and staff were overwhelmingly positive. Comments such as:
“…this wasn’t just about money, Barry covered areas which we should all be thinking about in preparation for retirement…”

“Another couple aged 52, raved about how well organized and presented the presentation was. It has changed the way her and her husband are planning their retirement.”

– Val Cuvelier, General Manager, Coast Capital Savings

“In 17 years as an Investment Advisor ~ holding client seminars and presentations ~ never have I seen a client audience so interactive and animated. I have never received such positive reviews after such an event as I did here!”

– Alison Keane, Branch Manager, Nesbitt Burns

Lawyers Weekly

Transition to retirement difficult for many lawyers  Lawyers Weekly

When Irwin Hamilton, a sole real estate practitioner in an east central Ontario town, decided four years ago that he wanted to retire, he didn’t just close the door of his practice and transfer his files. Instead, he made a five-year plan, recognizing the importance of a gradual transition to retirement.

“It is not easy to retire, to let go of the contacts and knowledge you’ve built up, he said. But Hamilton, now sixty, says “ I realized I was not exempt from the aging process and wanted to retire while I was in high demand.”

– Irwin Hamilton

Barry LaValley’s Retirement Discovery Program:

Here is what branch managers are saying about Barry LaValley’s Retirement Discovery Program:

Barry’s Retirement Discovery program was fantastic.  The attendees are still buzzing about the program and look forward to “tweaking” their business to incorporate some of the concepts”

“Very engaging training session.   Huge value to the advisers”

“I wanted to let you know that our advisers found the “Adviser Discovery Seminar” to be very beneficial.  The platform of the session allowed our advisers to easily grasp the concept of “positioning” their sales approach by leveraging the Transition to Retirement process.  The value of the session was obvious as the time flew by and a few advisers have already had success by utilizing their new positioning with clients.”