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Planning the future you want in this next stage of your life!

The Retirement Lifestyle Center Inc. is a research and education company focusing on the key issues associated with retirement today. The company helps North Americans and their advisers and coaches redefine the traditional view of retirement and create a plan that is more in keeping with 21st century retirement.

When you think of your retirement, what vision comes to mind?

You have thought a lot about what is going to happen when you are ready to “shift gears”. You have also recognized that your vision of retirement is probably not the same as your parents’ generation. Maybe the word ‘retirement’ is not even the right word to describe this next stage of your life.

The Retirement Lifestyle Center has provided programs for North Americans to make the transition into this next stage of life for the past thirteen years. In addition, we have worked with major financial institutions, government agencies and corporations to provide concise retirement workshops specifically for their clients and employees and retirement advisers.

The foundation of our program is that you have to clarify your vision of your retirement life first before you consider your financial plan.  In short, we specialize in helping you understand the retirement lifestyle transition.

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Retirement is the time when you never do all the things that you intended to do when you’d have the time.
– Dr. Lawrence J. Peter