Retirement For Professionals

Are you a Professional who is contemplating your move away from your practice?
The Retirement Lifestyle Center has worked with many professional groups over the years and developed focused programs on the retirement transition for these professions:

  • Dentists
  • Lawyers
  • Medical Professionals
  • CA’s
  • CPA’s
  • Financial Advisors

Some of the considerations we note are:

  1. What will your life look like after you leave your practice?
  2. Why “winding down” your practice rather than retiring may be a better model for you
  3. How does retirement affect your relationships with your spouse or partner?
  4. What are the special issues of your profession and the transition into retirement that you should understand?

If you or your association are concerned about how retirement may affect you, please contact us to find out about the programs we have created that will be relevant to you. Thank you.