About Us

The Retirement Lifestyle Center

  • Retirement Transition workshops for the general public
  • Retirement Lifestyle Planning programs for advisers, coaches and human resources departments
  • Focused Retirement Transition workshops for professionals, teachers, self-employed individuals, senior executives
  • Retirement Coaching for individuals

For the past twelve years we have provided education, motivation and program design focused on retirement. In fact, The Retirement Lifestyle Center has developed a specialized approach to today’s retirement transition that is currently in use by major financial institutions, associations and other organizations in both Canada and the U.S. Retirement Lifestyle Barry's TeamWe are proud of a past and current clientele that consists of many of Canada’s major financial institutions, including Scotiabank, RBC, Bank of Montreal, Manulife, Freedom 55 and Investors Group.

Through our research, coaching programs, articles and books, and educational workshops we undertake to provide today’s retiring boomers with valuable information that they will need to transition into this next phase of life.

Our network of retirement coaches across North America can provide you with the personal motivation and support that you may require to move from your work career to whatever you decide you want your life to become. If you are looking for a retirement coach to work with you or if you would like to become a retirement coach for The Retirement Lifestyle Center in your area, contact us.